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New Metal Grocery Shopping Carts

The R.W. Rogers Company offers the most innovative new shopping cart designs produced by the industry-leading manufacturer. With so many different styles and sizes available, please call us to discuss your particular shopping cart requirements.

444W, 447X, 449W Shopping Cart

444W, 447X, 449W

Total Capacity: 15,800 – 16,500 Cubic Inches

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450X/452X, 465V, 467X, 468W Shopping Cart

450X/452X, 465V, 467X, 468W

Total Capacity: 15,700 – 16,800 Cubic Inches

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463W Shopping Cart


Total Capacity: 16,900 Cubic Inches

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490W Shopping Cart


Total Capacity: 17,100 Cubic Inches

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500Z, 503V, 507V, 508V Shopping Cart

500Z, 503V, 507V, 508V

Total Capacity: 19,100 – 19,200 Cubic Inches

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503V Shopping Cart


Total Capacity: 19,200 Cubic Inches

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528W, 555W Shopping Cart

528W, 555W

Total Capacity: 23,200 – 23,500 Cubic Inches

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568W Shopping Cart


Total Capacity: 22,300 Cubic Inches

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768N Shopping Cart


Total Capacity: 18,600 Cubic Inches

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