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The R.W. Rogers Company offers the most innovative designs of grocery shopping carts produced by the industry leading manufacturer. Since we offer so many different styles and sizes, please call our knowledgeable representatives to discuss options of grocery carts and plastic shopping carts to best suit your industry and specific needs.

We sell the leading brand of grocery shopping carts.
Please call us at (630) 377-9033 for pricing, availability, and lead time.

Hand Basket Carts

Hand Basket Carts

Great For Small Aisles Eliminates Carrying Heavy Hand Baskets 41” Tall X 19.5” Wide (Rear) X 22” Long 4” Non-marking Wheels

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132C Cart

Convenience Cart

6,200 Cubic Inches of total capacity.

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Two Tier Basket Carts

Two Tier Basket Carts

6000 Cubic Inch Capacity 6” Nesting Distance 5” Non-marking Wheels Great For Smaller Stores

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Child Two Tier Shuttle Shopping Cart

2-Tier Shuttle

27” W x 42” H x 53” D
Capacity: 12,750 cu. in.

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Child Narrow Double Seater Shopping Cart

23″ Narrow Double Seater

23” W x 40” H x 49” D
Capacity: 9,000 cu. in.

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Child Size Shopping Cart

Child Size Shopping Carts

White Powder Coat Finish 13” Wide (Rear) X 25” Tall X 21” Long Great Gift Idea

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Child Race Cart

Race Carts

27.5” W x 40” H x 65” D
Capacity: 13,200 cu. in.

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