A patented one-touch merchandising solution that coverts from a plastic pallet to a wheeled dolly.

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The ease of use and versatility of the Pally makes it the standout solution for moving varying loads. It’s also a perfect solution for retail supply chains and postal logistics. The unit has up to a 500kg capacity with an 800 x 600mm footprint.

It also has an inbuilt tray location, manual handling, and stacking features and a dedicated push/pull handle location.

Pally is compatible with and safe for use on automated sorting lines, conveyor systems, and tail lifts as a pallet. Pally easily converts into a dolly at any point in the supply chain by touching the pedal mechanism. Compatible with automated vehicles often found in distribution centers.

Key Features

  • Stable, yet maneuverable. The lockable pallet feet on Pally are more stable than caster wheel brakes, allowing the easy movement of 500kg of products with ease.
  • Increase vehicle fill up to 42%. When using the Loadhog Pallet Lid, Pally provides a better footprint than a roll cage.
  • No forklifts or pallet jacks required.
  • Move multiple loads. An accessory tow hitch is available, allowing the movement of multiple pallies at a single time.
  • Used as a merchandising unit. Pally can be used for promotional or fast selling items in a retail environment.
  • Pally future-proofs your business; it can be used with auto-guided vehicles.
  • 250 kg or 500 kg models

Accessories & Options

  • Handle – For ergonomic movements of Pally units. Weight (kg): 1.52 Dimensions (cm): 100 x 32 x 15
  • Tow hitch – For the movement of multiple pallets. Weight (kg): 1.12, Dimensions (cm): 31 x 31.5 x 10.5

Quick Specs

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  • Pallet Quantities
    • Pallet type: EURO
    • Quantity per pallet: 20
    • Height: 1.75m
  • Weight and Performance
    • Payload: 250 kg or 500 kg
    • Weight (250 kg payload Pally): 12
    • Weight (500 kg payload Pally): 15
    • Wheel Material: Solid Nylon
    • Wheel Diameter (Fixed): ø100 mm
    • Wheel Diameter (Swivel): ø80 mm

Available Colors

(Gray is standard)
Pally Colors


800mm L x 600mm W x 196mm H

Stacking Height


Ground Clearance

36mm – 250 kg, 28mm – 500 kg

Available Colors

Tele Gray (standard color), Blue, Yellow Green, Yellow, Traffic Red, Slate Gray, Blue, Signal Black, HV Orange


Pally deck: High impact polypropylene, Bearers: Glass-filled polypropylene, Cover plate: Glass-filled polypropylene, Temp resistance: -20°c to +40°c

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