S14RB – Stainless Steel Work Table w/ Riser

  • Stainless Steel Work Table w/ 6″ High Rear Riser
  • Stainless Steel Base & Bracing

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ModelDescriptionWeightList Price
S14052S14RB - 36X24 W/6 BSPL55.3$858.00
S14053S14RB - 48X24 W/6 BSPL67$952.00
S14054S14RB - 60X24 W/6 BSPL78.7$1,083.00
S14055S14RB - 72X24 W/6 BSPL90.4$1,171.00
S14055AS14RB 84X24 W/6 BSPL164$1,460.00
S14056S14RB - 96X24 W/6 BSPL122.2$1,536.00
S14057S14RB - 120X24 W/6 BSPL145.6$1,731.00
S14058S14RB - 36X30 W/6 BSPL61$896.00
S14059S14RB - 48X30 W/6 BSPL74.3$1,015.00
S14060S14RB - 60X30 W/6 BSPL87.6$1,105.00
S14061S14RB - 72X30 W/6 BSPL102$1,232.00
S14061AS14RB 84X30 W/6 BSPL165$1,529.00
S14062S14RB - 96X30 W/6 BSPL135.8$1,610.00
S14062AS14RB 108X30 W/6 BSPL211$1,759.00
S14063S14RB - 120X30 W/6 BSPL162.4$1,851.00
S14064S14RB - 48X36 W/6 BSPL75.3$1,094.00
S14065S14RB - 60X36 W/6 BSPL86.2$1,198.00
S14066S14RB - 72X36 W/6 BSPL101.6$1,379.00
S14066AS14RB - 84X36 W/6 BSPL120$1,729.00
S14067S14RB - 96X36 W/6 BSPL137.4$1,820.00
S14067AS14RB - 108X36 W/6 BSPL150$1,953.00
S14068S14RB - 120X36 W/6 BSPL163.7$2,056.00
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R.W. Rogers Company
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St. Charles, IL  60174

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