Bond 2 & 4 Baskets With Wheels

Bond is a very light and durable, high-capacity shopping basket.

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  • Very light materials and long life product
  • Greater resistance and capacity now in just one piece.
  • Flat bottom makes Bond easy to clean and comfortable for stacking the products.
  • High stability and ease of use: the basket glides easily, even heavily loaded, thanks to its double ball bearing wheels system anti-obstruction.
  • Bag hook to rest as you shop.
  • Stackable.
  • Bottom with optional anti-theft device.
  • Bond can be customized with corporate color and logo.


  • Ref. Bond 2: 1270 | Ref. Bond 4: 1470
  • Monobloc shopping basket.
  • Material: top quality recyclable polypropylene.
  • Capacity: 70L
  • Wheels made in polyurethane:
    • Bond 2: 2fixed wheels
    • Bond 4: 2 fixed + 2 revolving wheels
  • Standard colors: red, blue, black.
  • Weight and measurements of the Bond2 basket:
    • 4.54 lbs.
    • 15″L x 19.29″W x 35.04″H
  • Weight and measurements of the Bond 4 basket:
    • 4.94 lbs.
    • 15″L x 19.29″W x 35.04″H
  • Pat. 002227553

Packaging & Delivery

  • In box: 40 units / pallet
  • In bulk: 102 units / pallet
  • Delivery time from factory is 3 weeks from order confirmation.
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