Coin Deposit System

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Abandoned carts affect us every day and everywhere. Customers tend to abandon shopping carts wherever they have finished using them. Abandoned carts not only cause accidents, but also increase labor costs associated with collecting the carts. In addition to labor, other costs include repair and replacement.

Reducing the number of abandoned carts will save your store money, and in turn save your customers money.


  • smartloc - compact

    Small and neat, and well protected against vandalism.

  • smartloc - Service-friendly

    With a special key, coin cassettes can be replaced easily in just a matter of seconds.

  • smartloc - Universal

    One screw secures the lock to the handlebar, and the flexible clamp allows smartloc to be fitted to almost any shopping cart.

  • smartloc - Compatible

    smartloc is compatible with all other systec coin locks.

  • smartloc - Durable

    Coin symbols are engraved on top of the housing to help customers to see at a glance what coin is required for unlocking the shopping cart.

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