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Ergonomic Upgrade

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The ergo XT quickly transforms ordinary shopping carts into an easily maneuverable solution for transporting goods around your store. The ergo XT’s ergonomic design of the uprights optimizes the distribution of steering and pushing forces on the shopping cart, making even fully loaded shopping carts easy to handle. Your customers can enjoy a more relaxed shopping experience, extending their stay and boosting sales through spontaneous purchases.

While offering a greater ease of use, the ergo XT also looks great with a fresh and stylish design that makes the shopping experience more pleasurable.

The standard anti-static function protects customers from annoying electric shocks that often accompany metal carts.

The ergo XT fits all standard shopping carts.

* ergo XT shown above with the liveTec EASY Smartphone Holder.


  • Ergonomic

    The ergo XT ensures a natural and ergonomic position of hand and wrist. Compared to a conventional shopping cart, there is less/no pressure on the wrists. This makes cart handling easy, even with heavily loaded carts.

  • Great Look
    Great Look

    A stylish and modern design, the ergo XT offers greater ease of use while making the shopping cart look great. All standard shopping cart models can be fitted with the ergo XT.

  • Antistatic

    Shopping carts are known to build up a static charge, leading to an unpleasant shock to the first customer touching the cart. With two antistatic inserts on each side, the ergo XT ensures that the customer pushing the cart can do so without a shock.

  • Easy Mounting
    Easy Mounting

    Only two screws are needed to attach the ergo XT to a shopping cart, while leaving the shopping cart handle fully intact. Your fleet of shopping carts can be retrofitted quickly and easily at any time.


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