ergo I

Advertisement Handle
The classic among the shopping cart handles. Its attractive curved shape and modular design can be individually configured with flat end caps, ergosticks, ergoloc and ergoclip.

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Ergonomic and multifunctional

ergo I is a modular, ergonomic handle system that can be configured individually. The attractive curved handle contributes to a relaxed shopping experience. Optional extras are an advertising display, a coin lock as well as our ergosticks and, of course, a scanner holder. For convenience, the advertising display can be equipped with a multifunctional cupholder with an integrated pencil and shopping list holder to complement the customer friendly profile.

The ergo I is equipped with an antistatic function. The two-component material guarantees the prevention of annoying electro static shocks.


  • ergo I modular

    The modular design of ergo I offers a choice of:

    • Handle only
    • Handle with coin lock
    • Handle with advertising clip
    • Handle with coin lock and advertising clip
  • Ergonomic upgrade
    Ergonomic upgrade

    Perfect ergonomic design in combination with ergosticks.

  • Ergoi International@2x

    The ergo I is also available with two coin slots for coins with different diameters.

  • Ergoi Einfach 049@2x

    The coin cassette is easy to replace.

  • ergo I

    The ergo I is equipped with an anti-static function. The two-component material guarantees the prevention of unpleasant electric shocks.

  • ergo I keycard

    The ergo I keeps the shopping cart fleet organized, it can be operated with coins and/or a KeyCard.

  • Trolleymatic2 122@2x

    The patented systec KeyCard promotes customer loyalty. In addition, it offers a double sided advertising panel and is, of course, not currency dependent.

  • Key Skontur 2@2x

    The key and chain are made of stainless steel. A more economic version is available with a zinc nickel coating.

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