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With the innovative smartphone holder system EASY, shopping using a smartphone is much simpler.

In addition, the EASY is also ideal for marketing and advertising purposes. Simply attach a QR code leading directly to the retailer app onto the EASY to heighten customer awareness and increase user numbers. In this way, EASY supports retailers in introducing apps and generates an increase in the number of users. Applications such as self-scanning, mobile payment or digital shopping lists are easy and convenient to use with EASY. The EASY is a mechanical, cost-effective solution and is suitable for smartphones of different sizes – with or without a protective case.

So that customers can use their smartphone immediately for shopping, the EASY is permanently attached to the shopping cart handle. The smartphone is simply pushed into the holder. If the cart is left unattended, the customer can quickly remove his or her phone for safekeeping. The smartphone holder can be retrofitted to almost all shopping cart handles and gives the market a modern, innovative image.


  • liveTEC - EASY Attention
    EASY attention

    The smartphone is simply placed into the holder from above and is ready to use for shopping. The customer has the screen directly in their field of vision ensuring they are made aware of the market’s promotional offers. 

  • liveTEC Customized

    The engraving of the company logo or use of an individually designed label strengthens the commercial image of the market. Standard engraved pictograms illustrate how to use the EASY.

  • liveTEC - One size fits all
    One size fits all

    Whether large or small, with or without a protective case such as Otterbox or Mophie - the EASY is compatible with almost any size smartphone.

  • liveTEC - Must have
    Must have

    A cost-effective smartphone holder system as a special service feature for customers and an effective marketing tool for retailers makes EASY a must have item.

  • liveTEC - EASY Operation
    EASY operation

    The EASY is permanently attached to the cart handle and can be used outdoors thanks to the weather- resistant material. The holder works without batteries or electronics.

  • liveTEC - EASY Mounting
    EASY Mounting

    Only one screw is required for mounting the EASY. The shopping cart fleet can be retrofitted at any time.

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