ergo II

Advertisement Handle
A multifunctional handle system with cup holder and shopping list clip fitted as a standard.

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Ergonomic and multifunctional

The perfect addition for all shopping carts. With its innovative design the ergo II combines sophisticated ergonomics with functional extras such as the extra large advertising panel, a cup holder and a clip to keep your shopping list secure.


  •  With our ergosticks even fully loaded carts are easy to maneuver
  •  The prominently placed advertising panel can’t fail to be seen by the customer
  •  By providing a cup holder and a shopping list clip, the shopping experience is improved


  • Shopping Cart Accessories
    Accessories Included

    Cup holder and shopping list clip are fitted as standard.

  • Coin deposit system on shopping cart

    Fit the Ergo II with a coin deposit system to keep your trolley fleet well-managed. The coin deposit lock is available as an optional extra and can be retrofitted.

  • Ergoii Ltm 8245@2x
    Ready for the Future

    The Ergo II is ready to be fitted with the latest innovation:
    the liveTec smartphone holder.

  • Ad Exchange on cart

    Exchange of advertising within seconds allows you to always be up to date. It's easy to exchange the ad label in just a matter of seconds.

  • Ergonomic shopping cart handle

    Shopping carts have become much larger over the last ten years, but their handles still have the same diameter. To make it easier for customers to push the cart and, even more importantly, to make them more pleasant to use, the Ergo II features ergonomic handle grips that make everything so much easier for your customers.

  • Anti-Static shopping cart handles

    The Ergo II comes with a built in anti-static function which effectively prevents electrostatic shocks.

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